Why Here


The Harrison Hot Springs, Kent District and surrounding area have a great deal to offer prospective businesses.  

Located at the south end of the Fraser Valley the Harrison and Kent area offer Business a wide variety of general benefits including:


   - Easy access to all major markets in the Greater Vancouver area

   - Generally lower living costs

   - Mild climate

   - Lower land costs

   - Business friendly local government

   - Easy access to the U.S. through Sumas

   - Lower labour costs



More specifically:

Harrison Hot Springs is the perfect location for Tourism related businesses.  With a Beach Front redevelopment initiative that will revitalize the southern lakeshore, Harrison is set for dynamic growth in the coming years.  Thanks to its inclusion in the Resort Municipalities Harrison now has a full time Tourism marketing organization that will support the further development of Harrison as a Tourist Destination. 


The Kent District is one of the premier agriculture centers in the lower mainland and offers a wide variety of opportunities for new agriculture related initiatives. 


All of these benefits combined with a progressive and supportive local government make Harrison and Kent attractive destinations for residents, businesses and tourists.