The Harrison Hot Springs, the District of Kent and surrounding area offer great potential for new business, developers, and investors alike.


Harrison Hot Springs


At the southern end of Harrison Lake, Harrison Hot Springs has been a tourist destination for over 100 years.  Surrounded by mountains and natural beauty and blessed with arguably the best natural hot springs in North America Harrison it offers a wonderful getaway for tourists, and a great place to live for residents.


Commercial Development - Harrison currently has one major Resort Hotel with 330 rooms, two smaller hotels with 42 and 88 rooms and then 5 smaller motels with 10 to 20 rooms each.   There has been limited commercial development over the last 10 years with one time share hotel with 42 rooms having been built.  A number of projects are currently at the proposal stage.


Residential Development – Harrison Hot Springs is situated on a limited building envelope between two mountains on either side and a lake on one end and ALR farms on the other end.  The last 10 years has seen substantial residential building with many of the larger building tracts now having been developed.  While there remain building lots they are quickly being developed.


Potential:  The greatest potential for Harrison lies along the waterfront.  Particularly on the eastern side of Harrison a number of properties are ready for redevelopment.  These could easily be rolled into a package to allow a larger scale development to accommodate a larger hotel with extensive water park features.  Another area of potential relates to the ever increasing recreational marine tourism being attracted to the lake. 


District of Kent


The District of Kent comprises a large diverse area of over 160 square kilometers.  Historically this has been a predominantly agricultural community known as the Corn capital of BC. 


Commercial Development: In Agassiz commercial development has primarily been limited to the industrial park located on the North eastern corner of town.  A new Agricultural plan is currently being developed for the area.  In recent years smaller boutique farms such as Farmhouse Cheese and Limbert Mountain Farm have shown a new successful approach to agriculture.


Residential Development: The District of Kent with a large diverse area has seen substantial development in recent years.  Many projects such as Aberdeen Place and Country Lane and the larger development on Woodside mountain known as Harrison Highlands.  


Potential:  The District of Kent offers large potential for both Commercial and Residential development.  With a significant parcels of undeveloped land available.  Small lot farming and agri-tourism are also high potential developments that are starting to catch on in